The fashioncapital.org is built on a specially developed technical platform and extensive experience on both e-commerce and carpet sales. Most of the logistics and administration is highly automated, for your benefit. We have a close co-operation with experienced purchasers in countries such as Iran, India, Pakistan, Turkey, Nepal and China. This ensures that you have access to carpets with the highest quality at the best prices possible. Focus is on the design and quality; the carpets on the site have been selected with great care. All carpets are thoroughly checked, both during photography and before shipping.



A safe and comfortable shopping experience

For your safety we co-operate with Handelsbanken for secure payments and with UPS and FedEx for quick deliveries to your door. We also offer a 30 day purchase on approval with free shipping and free returns within the EU.

The most important thing to us is that you will be satisfied with CarpetVista. We are committed to providing quality service. We want you to enjoy and appreciate your carpets. Happy customers are our best publicity.




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